In March, we interviewed Michael Friedberg of Yellowbelly Chicken and posted our blog all about how awesome Michael and his partners are and why Yellowbelly is a place to stop next time you are at the Stanley. And that’s great.


Michael is passionate about his business, and he is also passionate about giving back.


The charity he and Yellowbelly throw their support behind is called No Kid Hungry. And we would like to help as well. Look at what Michael supports, and maybe you will want to be a part of giving as well. He starts out his ChefsCycle donation page with this bold proclamation;



Michael Friedberg No Kid Hungry



“Professionally, I am the co-founder/co-owner of Yellowbelly Chicken. We are a fast casual, fried chicken concept built around offering people better, healthier versions of the food they already love. We want to change the way people eat! We want people to eat better, feel better & do better.


I’m passionate about healthy food & lifestyle.


I love helping people eat better.  At the same time it is important to respect the fact that there are still lots of people in this country who are not getting enough to eat.



I struggle with the idea that we are able to scrutinize every ingredient we source while so many people are still going hungry.  While we are at Whole Foods worrying about whether or not something is local or organic others are wondering how they are going to feed their kids.


Please consider donating to No Kid Hungry through my Chefs Cycle Page.”


When Yellowbelly opened in The Stanley Marketplace, they held a fundraising event for No Kids Hungry. At that event they raised enough money to feed 35,000 meals to kids! Check out the pics from their Facebook page 


Thanks for the good works!


Lori Moriarty, Lending Maven Mortgage