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Tricia Houston


In today’s marketplace, it is important to choose a mortgage broker who brings extensive experience to the table and is also an effective communicator. 

Tricia Houston is a Colorado native and has been a loan originator in the mortgage industry since 1999.

People often tell me they LOVE my company name and how did I come up with it? My answer is simple, Maven is a Yiddish word meaning “expert”. When I started my company in 2006, I had already been in the mortgage business for 10 years working for several major banks when I became frustrated at the lack of professionalization that was offered to customers during what most would consider the biggest purchase of all time. I knew I could do better for my clients by offering them a true hands on approach to the lending process.

Over the past 20 years, I have guided hundreds of families through the ever-complicated mortgage process and have taken great pride to make sure that all my clients thoroughly understand the process – which can be daunting, very personal and highly complicated. I strive to fully educate each client about each phase and detail of the process and to make the transaction feel as comfortable as possible. My clients, and importantly, my repeat clients, know that I will spend the required time to achieve success. As a result, my service stands out in an industry that is full of people who simply want to drive to the finish line, make the sale and care only about their commission.


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Our Process

We know the mortgage process can be tedious, which is why we’ve gone to great lengths to make it as smooth as possible. Lending Maven Mortgage takes full advantage of the technology available to make the process easier and less stressful. Yes, there is a ton of paperwork involved, let us take that burden off your shoulders and streamline the process for you. Give us a call and experience the Lending Maven difference!

Submit Application

Once you have securely submitted your application online, we will discuss the various loan programs, sign all necessary preliminary loan documents and submit all the personal documentation required. It’s really that easy!

Lock Rate

The borrower may choose to lock their rate at the time of application or may choose to float their loan to be locked in at a later time. The choice is completely yours, and we will be here to help you the whole way.

Loan Approval

There are three major steps that are being accomplished between the client’s application signing and their closing documents. The Appraisal is ordered, title is researched and the loan is sent to Underwriting for approval. It is our job to keep you up to date on each step in the process.

Schedule Closing

The day before closing, the title company will generate a final statement of charges that incorporate all third-party fees as well as taxes and insurance escrows. We can celebrate together! Your successful mortgage is our goal.

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