Meet Tricia Houston

The Lending Maven

Tricia Houston is a Colorado native, a CSU graduate and a loan originator since 1999. She and her husband of 18 years have lived in Central Park since 2013. She is busy working mom to 3 active teenage boys and 2 incredibly cute dogs! She is very involved in many local community and small business organizations as well has her boys schools.


“I love living in Central Park! The people and community here is like nothing I have ever seen in Denver. I could not imagine raising my boys anywhere else.” 


What is a Maven

People often tell me they LOVE my company name and how did I come up with it? My answer is simple, Maven is a Yiddish word meaning “expert”. When I started my company, I had already been in the mortgage business for 10 years working for several major banks when I became frustrated at the lack of professionalization and customer service that was given during what most would consider the biggest purchase of their lives.  I knew I could do better for my clients by offering them a true hands on approach and exceptional customer service during the lending process. I chose the word Maven to describe what I was but also what the expectation my clients should expect from me. 

I have guided thousands of families through the ever-complicated mortgage process and have taken great pride to make sure that all my clients thoroughly understand the process – which can be daunting, very personal and highly complicated. I strive to fully educate each client about each phase and detail of the process and to make the transaction feel as comfortable as possible. My clients, and importantly, my repeat clients, know that I will spend the required time to achieve success. As a result, my service stands out in an industry that is full of people who simply want to drive to the finish line, make the sale and care only about their commission.