The Perfect Paperie has grown into a leading concierge business for those who want beauty in their lives.

With all things gorgeous; interior design, personalized gifts, , catered events, and spectacular gift baskets, these sisters have you covered.

One sister in Denver,Colorado (Stapleton) and the other in Traverse City, Michigan, they cover the US with their gift baskets for which they have become famous. The business evolved over time to become what it is today. Sarah Day Knowlton is an interior designer. She had worked in the trade, as a luxury interior design manufacturer’s representative advising interior designers and architects, on the latest trends and products in the design world. Once she got married and started a family she wanted to carve out a niche for her dream business.

Her interior design company is called Day Design and has been open in various capacities for about nine years. Together with her sister, Lee Day Shirley, they purchased an existing business, The Perfect Paperie which had been specializing in personalized gifts and paper and had an existing customer base for custom gift baskets. With their business line finally complete, the sisters starting putting their own unique stamp of perfection into these baskets and customers took notice. When I spoke with Sarah she stated the business simply enough,


“We are in the business of making things look beautiful…”


Stapleton the Perfect PaperieSarah gave me examples of how the concierge style developed. They would get requests from clients who knew their caliber of work –whether it be planning and executing a menu for 50, or putting together closing gifts for realtor clients. Start to finish, the process became a relationship of trust ensuring the finished product was nothing short of spectacular.  They can create custom wedding invitations or complete a full kitchen remodel.  The work they do focuses on impeccable taste and incredible execution.


Sarah told me that they work well with clients who like to be either 100% hands off, or completely involved in the details, and with every level of involvement in-between.


Sarah has been in Colorado for twenty years and is a Stapleton resident. She and her sister manage this business of creating beauty from their respective homes. Though Sarah did mention that she was thinking of looking for office space soon due to high demand for their services.

The Perfect Paperie delivers more than a pretty gift. The customer service that you will experience is one thing that brings people back again and again. When you decide to send a gift to someone for a special moment in their lives, it is important to you. And they get that. With everything they do, you can see the pride in their work. They understand that this gift, that card, this table…it all represents you. And more than being in the business of selling pretty things, presented in the perfect way; they are in the business of making YOU look good.


Perfect Paperie, Stapleton


Here is another great quote from my conversation with Sarah,

“When you trust someone and you know the way they do things, well then you want them to do …everything.

We wear a lot of hats, but we don’t put on a hat if it doesn’t feel comfortable.

Working with us is really a turnkey operation. 

You can turn it over, or have significant involvement – we welcome both – it’s always done well.



Before you get lost in the images below, call and get your own design concierge today at 303-956-1251, you can also visit , or send an email to


Perfect Paperie

A final parting thought from Sarah,








Enough talk, now it is time for more pictures!

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Tricia Houston

Tricia Houston

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