Image from Ken Tillis, CNN

Nationwide demonstrations linked to an incident of deadly police brutality in Minnesota in May adds fuel to a years-long debate on whether to change the name of one of Denver’s most beloved neighborhoods, Stapleton.

The thriving 7.5 square mile neighborhood, which sits on the site of the former Stapleton International Airport, is known for its abundance of modern homes, exceptional schools, and plentiful parks and open space. It is also recognized for the origin of its namesake – Benjamin Stapleton, a former Denver Mayor and Ku Klux Klan member.

In honor of ongoing cultural shifts and anti-racism uprisings, the neighborhood’s Master Community Association (MCA), which oversees the maintenance and operation of Denver’s largest neighborhood’s public spaces, and its community of 11-neighborhood delegates unanimously voted to remove the name from all branding, signage, marking material and its governing documents.

According to a statement issued by the MCA, “It has become more clear that continuing with the current name is hurtful to many residents of all backgrounds and life experiences. As a community that aims to foster inclusivity, diversity, and respect, maintaining the current name only serves to divide us.”

Working together, residents, the neighborhood association, Brookfield Properties Development, and the City of Denver, will select a new name for the neighborhood.