The Infinite Monkey Theorem, or IMT as Ben Parsons, CEO, Winemaker calls it, is now open at the Stanley Marketplace in Stapleton. As busy as Ben is, he was kind enough to take a few moments out to answer questions about his newest location. Thanks Ben!

Infinite Monkey Stanley Marketplace

I had to ask him what drew IMT to be a part of the Stanley?


“The Stapleton community in general is underserviced with few restaurants, bars and other amenities.  The Marketplace made a ton of sense for IMT to expand its customer base beyond RiNo to a broader demographic.  The project has great tenants and IMT is a perfect complement to them.”

This location is the second in Colorado for Ben who founded IMT in 2008. The other Colorado wine tasting room is in RiNo on Larimer Street. IMT also has a winery in Austin which opened in 2015. As if that weren’t enough you can buy Infinite Monkey Theorem in Whole Foods Market in 10 states




I asked Ben if he was a native of Colorado.

“Born in the UK and lived in CO since 2001”


So, the follow up would naturally be – What is something you love about living in Colorado?

“Sunshine, accessibility to the outdoors, relatively easy to start a business here.”

Infinite Monkey Stanley Marketplace

The location in the Stanley opened on Thursday March 23rd. And boy howdy was it a party!

From IMT’s Facebook page:

“We’re also highlighting our ongoing partnership with the University of Colorado Cancer Center Fund and donating $1 from each glass sold! See you party peeps tonight!”


What a better place to take a break and sip on wine than the break room.  The 2,000-sq. foot space that IMT occupies was previously the break room for the Stanley Aviation plant.

What a wonderful re-purpose for that room!


Infinite Monkey Ben ParsonsWant to get to know Ben? I watched a great You Tube video from 2013 (click on the image to watch) and learned quite a bit. Let’s hear it in this own words.


“It’s an urban winery – the winery is in the city, not tied to any one vineyard or any particular location, agricultural source. . . . It makes a lot sense to locate the winery in the city, to bring the fruit to the city, and to locate the winery where all the consumers are, where the restaurants are, the wine stores are. And

Denver seemed like the perfect location for me at least to start a winery because it has this fledgling restaurant business where all of these great chefs are coming up and starting amazing restaurants. People are very proud to source local products, it’s not just the wine that’s local, it’s farm to table and that’s become a big movement, the slow food movement.

. . .

It’s been amazing just to see how people are very proud to support something that’s good, and local, and that’s what I have taken most from starting a winery in Denver… “

Is there anything specific you want your future customers to know?

“IMT will be open 7 days serving all the wines me make from our downtown location.   Please come in, hang out and enjoy a glass of wine, or alternatively purchase a bottle or two to go.” 

 Ben spoke of his new location to Eater Denver on March 22nd

“We are honored to be a part of an impactful project in the Denver and Aurora communities alongside some of our favorite businesses,” said Ben Parsons, winemaker and founder of The Infinite Monkey Theorem. “I’m proud of the wines we’re bringing to the Marketplace and look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with guests.”

Here’s a few snippets from IMT website check it out for yourself:

Canned wine: your portable, single-serve, smarter alternative. Available in White, Red, Moscato, and Rose.

Ah, the great winemaking regions of the world: Bordeaux, Napa Valley and…Denver? Yes, they’re growing grapes in Colorado and winemaker Ben Parsons is using them to craft some very distinct offerings. — Charles Passy, The Wall Street Journal


But in the end, it all comes down to the wine.

And it’s worthy.

The canned wine tastes light and effervescent, with a slight carbonation that makes it dangerously drinkable.

— Paste Magazine


Follow IMT on Twitter and see great stuff like this:

The French mathematician Emile Borel used the “monkey metaphor” in 1913, even though the first instance may be even sooner. There are many variants of the theorem as well. The one that we are going to use is one the web site states as:


“The Infinite Monkey Theorem states ‘that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter for an infinite amount of time will almost surely type a given text, such as the complete works of William Shakespeare’.”


Stapleton is the home of many fun, unique and local businesses. Each one of them has their own story and they will impact the community in different ways. Keep checking back as we feature more great people and businesses. These interviews and information is being brought to you by Lending Maven Mortgage another proud Stapleton business. See more going on in Stapleton on our Bluff Lake and Beeler Park blog. See you there!

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