The idea for what became Yellowbelly was based on what three men felt was missing from their dining options. On their website, they explain further;

“We wanted something delicious, quick, and affordable.

We wanted natural ingredients and food that left us feeling great.

We wanted something we’d be proud to serve our friends and families.”

This is the third Yellowbelly location since their first in 2012. The founders are; Barry Davis, Michael Friedberg and Eric Wuppermann. I called on Michael Friedberg to get the whole scoop on their newest location. Here’s what I found out from this awesome Colorado native.


Okay Michael, what drew you to be a part of the Stanley Marketplace?


“I first heard about Stanley from Rayme at Comida.  She’s a friend.  We loved the idea of being neighbors with lots of fun, young, cool Colorado companies.  It hasn’t disappointed.  We love our neighbors!  So many awesome fun people. We love sharing customers that are like minded with all of the great businesses!”


Are you a native of Colorado, and if not how long have you been in Colorado?


“I am a native.  I was born & raised in Boulder.  My parents met on a chairlift in Vail.  Skiinghas always been a huge part of my life.  I was on the US Ski Team & skied World Cup moguls


What is something you love about living in Colorado, or Stapleton?


“I have never lived outside of CO.  I traveled the world skiing but have never actually lived anywhere else.  I was born/raised in Boulder.  I finished high school in Breckenridge.  I lived in Steamboat Springs when I was on the US Ski Team.  I lived in Vail for 10 years before moving back to Boulder to do our 2nd restaurant.”


“I’m good at Colorado things.  I still love to ski & I now race bikes.  I race mountain bikes in the professional category & am a Cat 1 cyclocross racer.


What I love most about CO is the active lifestyle.  It is the perfect place for our business because we have an active community that cares about what they are putting in their bodies & are tuned into how food makes you feel.”


I had to do a quick Google and see what Michael was up to a few years back while on the US Ski Team. Check out the story from Summit Daily from back in the day. Now that Michael has retired and joined forces with Barry and Eric, we get the benefits of great, healthy and delicious food.

 Michael Yellowbelly Chicken

Pic to left: Vail Trail/Dan Davis Mike Friedberg pulls a cork-three during a recent Mogul Mania competition in Vail. (April 16, 2004)


I also did a quick peek on Eric Wuppermann. And oh boy, what a treat! He is a chef in the Heritage Fire by Cochon555 and my favorite description appeared in a 2013 article (linked here) where he was described like this; “…if you’re a food nerd [Eric] is apparently some kinda superstar, mega baller.” Well, there you go. And even further back in this great article from 2010 Eric tells us how he feels about food and I learn he did not like the title “chef”.


“I try to make things fun to eat,” Wuppermann said. “I like things a little spicy – it livens up your life. I think the most important utensil should be the elbow.” He throws his out to his sides as he pantomimes keeping others out of his way while reaching for goodies on the table. “A meal is such an important part of a memory.”


We also got a little glimpse into Barry Davis and his prose over a glass of Duchess de Bourgogne Red Ale described as…


“You don’t try to sell someone on Duchesse,” he said. “They either want it or they don’t. It’s a beer nerd’s beer. Drinking it is like the first time you have sex. You’re not sure you’re doing it right, but by the time it’s over you know you want more.”

Now that you have a peek behind the curtain, let’s carry on. Yellowbelly opened in January, so I had to know how they liked it at the Stanley so far.

“We love it!  We are enjoying the energy that comes from being surrounded by amazing Colorado businesses.  We love the community!  It is really fun seeing so many young, active families coming together around our food!”


Yellowbelly chicken StapletonIs there anything specific you want your future customers to know?

“We use great ingredients!  We use all natural, hormone free, vegetarian fed, antibiotic chicken.  We bread it in a gluten free rice flour & fry it in a non-GMO rice bran oil.  We use as much local & organic produce as possible.  Our seasonal veggies will be from local, organic farms all growing season.”


Look at that beautiful food. You can get good and hungry by scrolling through their Instagram and Facebook pages.


While I was tooling around on the Yellowbelly website I came across their blog. Here is a business that is transparent about their food. You can even learn how to make some of their mouthwatering delights. In the blog on iron skillet chicken Michael says;


“Over the years we’ve had a lot of guests ask how they can recreate their favorite Yellowbelly Chicken menu items at home.

We’re always happy to share our recipes, tips and tricks to get you cooking. Talking about our food is a great opportunity to highlight the level of quality and care that go into what we make.

There is no secret recipe or mystery ingredient we can’t share. In fact it’s the opposite.

The real ‘Special Sauce’ of Yellowbelly Chicken is that we start with all-natural ingredients of the highest quality and cook from scratch with chef-driven technique.”


Yellowbelly Chicken pan baked

I don’t think there is much more to discuss. Walk, bike, ski or even drive over to The Stanley Marketplace and say hello to Michael, Eric and Barry at Yellowbelly Chicken today.

Stanley Marketplace is the home of many fun, unique and local businesses. Each one of them has their own story and they will impact the community in different ways. Keep checking back as we feature these local enterprises. These interviews and information is being brought to you by Lending Maven Mortgage another proud Stapleton business. Check out more on our blogs for Beeler Park and Bluff Lake.

Tricia Houston

Tricia Houston

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